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Welcome to the Ariel Atom Blog.

The Ariel Atom is “Barely Legal” insanity. In my opinion, one of the very finest cars ever created, thankfully available in the USA so that I could get one. With a 0-60 sub 3 seconds, it’s been likened to a combination of driving and cage fighting! The reality is it’s a very drivable car when not being hammered, but you absolutely HAVE to drive this car as being casual with the handling can quickly become an “entertaining moment”

If you want to eat burgers while listening to a rock station in climate controlled comfort, this is definitely not the car you should be considering. It is a car built to be driven – exhilarating, committed, joyful and astonishing. It is a true supercar at a fraction of the amenity-laden other supercars’ costs. Hey, when it’s not being thrashed, it’s about as economic on fuel as a Prius!

This Blog is about how the Atom came first into my knowledge and awareness and then incredibly into my actual possession! I hope you enjoy the site.



Ariel Atom Car

Ariel Atom Car

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  1. Andy, I LOVE THE CAR!

    Reminds me of my Inca Gold Chrysler Prowler I stupidly sold back in 2002. How I long … ohhhh how i long for the speed! It is in the cards …

    God Bless

  2. Awesome stuff!! watched the video, now understand more about this car 🙂
    Also, looove watching “Top Gear”.

    • Thanks Claudia!

      She’s a blast for sure – I highly recommend it!

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Queen’s English Car Show and Jay Leno

I took the Ariel Atom to the Queen’s English Car Show in Woodley Park. I wasn’t expecting too much, As it turned out the show was amazing with a huge number of British cars in fantastic shape. The Atom made her TV filming debut and we were lucky to spend some time with a car-loving celebrity!

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Ridin’ Around in my Automobile

Ahhh a typical working day. Cruising the Boulevards and Canyons of Southern California with the wrap on the car building business in the sunshine! A visit from my niece inspired a day of tooling around some of the nicest parts of SoCal. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to…………

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Fun With Your Clothes On In An Ariel Atom

There are indeed many ways of having fun with your clothes on. Many things can “float your boat” from fishing, flying, skiing, opera or whatever is classed as enjoyment. However, someone asked me the other day if the Atom was the MOST fun you could have... read more

Ariel Atom’s Mechanical Ups and Downs

Being British, I have a fairly realistic perception that a British vehicle will come with various “idiosyncrasies” and “foibles”. Being as my Atom was a US build, with an essentially American engine, I hoped that these foibles might be lessened.

In fact, the Atom has had a few issues that have helped to highlight both the beautiful simplicity of the car as well as showing a few flaws. This post looks at a few of the issues I’ve had to date….

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The Braille Rallye

The Braille Rallye was on July 12th. This is a fabulous and fun event that pairs a visually impaired student to act as Navigator for a driver. The idea is that the student can practice Braille and/or large print reading skills to navigate a timed course around LA, with prized for accuracy in timing. of course, the real “winning” was a fun day out and a chance to meet a cool student – and of course a great excuse to drive the Atom all day!

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Ariel Atom’s New Clothes

My Ariel Atom got some new clothes. I had an extra set of body panels “wrapped”. It’s turned the Atom from a major attention-getter into a topic of continual conversations…

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My New Ariel Atom

Part One of how I ended up owning an Ariel Atom. From the video that set the burn going in me, the reasons and means behind actually being able to own one, through to the feeling of wide-eyed child at Christmas, full of expectation as I went to pick her up…..

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My New Ariel Atom Part 2

PART II PICKING UP THE ATOM I had previously decided, because of the weather, that I wouldn’t fly up to Oregon and drive the Atom back. Instead I decided to drive my Dodge Ram truck and trailer and pick it up. I didn’t want to trust it to any of these... read more

My New Ariel Atom Part 3

PART III OWNING THE ATOM Buying an Ariel Atom is all well and good, but it is built to be a Track Day car. Brammo are not manufacturers. If they were, the car would have to have air bags, windshield wipers — all sorts of nonsense. The Atom is considered a... read more

My New Ariel Atom Part 4

PART IV Since bringing the car home, I’ve developed what I like to call the “Atom Grin” — a big maniacal grin that appears every time I think about the car. For years I craved Plymouth ‘Cudas, Challengers, Jags. I’m so over all that... read more

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