Since bringing the car home, I’ve developed what I like to call the “Atom Grin” — a big maniacal grin that appears every time I think about the car. For years I craved Plymouth ‘Cudas, Challengers, Jags. I’m so over all that now. As much as I love cars, the Atom has cured me of my craving of other cars. I’ve got everything I need in a vehicle in terms of exhilaration, joy, fun, etc. It’s a blast. And I’m sure it will make my wife happy that my vehicle seeking days are over.


The Ariel Atom is now officially street legal in California! Never have I seen a set of license plates look so sexy. All of the hassles I went through for three months have finally become worthwhile. I now have the official license plates, tags, and everything else. Now I just have to keep her legal by not getting too many tickets. If I had to do it all over again, I might have bought used to avoid all the hassles of getting her street legal.

There is an update on Atoms in the USA. Brammo have now ceased all activities to do with the Ariel Atom. They’re no longer manufacturing or supporting them in any way. The production of the Ariel Atom has moved to a company called TMI Auto Tech. They’re based at the Virginia National Speedway. TMI were the people running the Ariel Atom Track Day Experiences, so they are very familiar with the Atom. Everything I’ve heard and read about TMI is that this is a wonderful result for the Ariel Atom. It’s great to know the Ariel Atom is progressing onwards and upwards in the USA.

My last order from Brammo was to get an extra set of the body panels. They are now sitting in my garage in beautiful grey primer. Part of the sponsorship deal with Vetraceuticals is that I’m making these extra set of panels into designs that will promote Vetraceuticals Pet Nutrition. We’ve got some exciting ideas that we’re working on and I’ll give you an update and get some pics up here when the new logos and designs are on the actual body panels. The car already gets ridiculous amounts of attention, so the new logos will be a good thing.

The car also reflects a new website we’ve developed called 5×5 Life. There’s a load of good information up there as to how I was able to get into this Ariel Atom in the first place.

I welcome any and all feedback on the car. I’ve taken the Atom around all the canyons locally now and it’s an absolute blast. Next plan is to take her out to Willow Springs, so check back as the next blog will be about a Track Day in the Atom at the Willow Springs raceway, the local track near where I live.

By the way, there’s another Top Gear video — kind of an unfair battle — which pitches the Ariel Atom against an American Police Cruiser filmed at Willow Springs raceway: So far it’s been a wonderful feeling driving the Atom, even on the freeway. Instead of the usual road-rage, LA middle finger, The gestures I get have all been thumbs up and “way to go.” There’s lots of people out there that appreciate the car. In fact when a motorcycle cop tailed me the other day, I thought “Oh no, this is going to be my first ticket in the Atom!” But then he pulled alongside me and nodded his head about 20 times in approval — which was very reassuring.

Check back for new updates on my Atom!

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