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by | Jan 16, 2008 | 4 comments

Welcome to the Ariel Atom Blog.

The Ariel Atom is “Barely Legal” insanity. In my opinion, one of the very finest cars ever created, thankfully available in the USA so that I could get one. With a 0-60 sub 3 seconds, it’s been likened to a combination of driving and cage fighting! The reality is it’s a very drivable car when not being hammered, but you absolutely HAVE to drive this car as being casual with the handling can quickly become an “entertaining moment”

If you want to eat burgers while listening to a rock station in climate controlled comfort, this is definitely not the car you should be considering. It is a car built to be driven – exhilarating, committed, joyful and astonishing. It is a true supercar at a fraction of the amenity-laden other supercars’ costs. Hey, when it’s not being thrashed, it’s about as economic on fuel as a Prius!

This Blog is about how the Atom came first into my knowledge and awareness and then incredibly into my actual possession! I hope you enjoy the site.



Ariel Atom Car

Ariel Atom Car

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  1. Andy, I LOVE THE CAR!

    Reminds me of my Inca Gold Chrysler Prowler I stupidly sold back in 2002. How I long … ohhhh how i long for the speed! It is in the cards …

    God Bless

  2. Awesome stuff!! watched the video, now understand more about this car 🙂
    Also, looove watching “Top Gear”.

    • Thanks Claudia!

      She’s a blast for sure – I highly recommend it!

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Motor 4 Toys

Motor 4 Toys is a huge gathering of Supercars, Hypercars, Exotics and all kinds of cool motors with the common goal of making sure under-privileged kids will at least have some toys for Christmas. An amazing gathering and too many fantastic cars to begin to count.

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The Braille Rallye 2010

Astonishingly we have reached August and it was time for the Braille Rallye 2010. I am very grateful for the opportunity to enter the Ariel Atom in this event as it is a wonderful way to enable very cool students to experience vehicles they might otherwise never be able to do.

Winning the Rallye is very much second to getting to know your blind or partially sighted co-driver and have a ton of fun.

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Two New U.S. Ariel Atom Dealers

Exciting times for Ariel Atom owners and those aspiring to be Ariel Atom owners as two new Dealers are announced in the USA! One of these is an NHRA Hall of Fame Driver who, among other things was the first 1/4 miler in the 4 second bracket and held both Land and water dragster records at the same time! Only fitting that he’s an Ariel Atom and not a Prius Dealer then! :>)

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Track Day at Willow Springs

The Streets of Willow was the venue for a track day organized by Sector 111 Motorsports. There were seven Atoms there in all including a brand new Atom 3 that was accompanied by Mark Swain and Shawn from TMI.

An excellent day of fun and learning for me and I got to feel and see (when my eyes were open) how an Atom should behave on the track.

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Cars ‘N’ Coffee Woodland Hills

Another hard days car show and cruising! Well someone has to do it, don’t they?! Woodland Hills is where I lived when I first moved to L.A. some 17 years ago. Hard to believe I’ve been here that long. It is a really nice place. I didn’t like it when... read more

Bob’s Big Boy

A night out at the Bobs Big Boy Classic Car night! Me and my Ariel Atom at this incredible historical American Automobile cultural site! What a blast and my own little piece of the American Dream.

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Ariel Atom Meets SR71 Blackbird F117 Stealth

The stuff of dreams! I was able to take photos of my Ariel Atom with some of the coolest planes on the planet. A photoshoot with the SR71 and A12 Blackbirds, the F117 Stealth Bomber (Fighter) and the U2. Here are a selection of photos from my “being a big kid” day………

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